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Professional guidance for your applicants from the very first step

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The Scandinavian Education Agency (SCEDA)  is a com­pany dea­ling with repre­sen­ta­tion of 5 Danish ins­ti­tu­ti­ons of hig­her edu­ca­tion in Central-Europe. It was foun­ded in 2011 by young ent­rep­re­ne­urs living in Denmark with the aim to help new­co­mers’ app­li­ca­tion to Danish ins­ti­tu­ti­ons and their tran­si­tion into the new cul­ture.

Our mar­ke­ting cam­paign use online and off­line chan­nels as well, in order to reach a hig­her num­ber of stu­dents.  We orga­nize nume­rous pre­sen­ta­ti­ons in high schools and major exhi­bi­ti­ons all over Hungary.  The online appe­arance inc­ludes tar­ge­ted online adver­tis­ing and dis­tinc­tive dis­play on our web­site.

Out of our core-service, SCEDA has many extra ser­vi­ces making the comp­lex pro­cess of integ­ra­tion as easy as pos­sible for your new­co­mer stu­dents. These addi­ti­o­nal ser­vi­ces are free for them and inc­lude expe­ri­en­ced staff both in Denmark and Hungary who are always ava­i­lable to give advice; an online infor­ma­tion deli­very plat­form con­ta­i­ning over 75 com­pre­hen­sive artic­les, manu­als and desc­ript­ions about Denmark and the locals’ lifestyle; events in Hungary and Denmark hel­ping enrol­led app­li­cants to start net­wor­king from the beg­in­nings.

Since this is only a brief int­ro­duc­tion of our acti­vi­ties, we kindly ask you to con­tact our inter­na­ti­o­nal depart­ment for more deta­i­led infor­ma­tion. Thank you!

Contact Us:

Mr. Marton Kovacs
Regional Director
E-mail: km@sceda.eu
Phone: +36–30-510–98-04

Mr. Ferenc Pajko
E-mail: ferenc.pajko@sceda.eu

Phone: +36 30 792 5562

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Kovács Márton

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